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Including water vending machine, ice vending machine and small vending machine.

  • Water Vending Machine Video
  • Water vending machine is a 24-hour self-service vending machine for providing clean, healthy and pure drinking water. Clients use their own bottles to get water for drinking. Pukui water vending equipment or water ...
  • Ice Vending Machine Video
  • Ice vending machine is a 24-hour self-service vending machine for selling bag ice and bulk ice cube. This equipment can sell ice automatically. Compared with other vending equipment...
  • Small Vending Machine Video
  • Small vending machine is a 24-hour self-service vending machine for selling condoms, cigarettes, snacks, lottery tickets, cologne, chocolates, medicine and even gold and gems to customers...
  • Water Filling Machine Video
  • As a vending equipment, water filling machine is an automatic pure drinking water bottling equipment for five gallon water bottles. Consumers can use their own bottles to get water for drinking. It is ...

We possess five kinds of self-service vending machines, over 50 products, designed by our R & D department independently. These self-service machines include water vending machine, ice vending machine, drinks vending machine, snack vending machine and condom vending equipment. Our company also provides water filling machine and mini vending machine. All these equipment are intelligent and self-service vending machines that can sell all kinds of products automatically. The vending equipment are widely used in public places, such as school, community, supermarket, street, railway station, gas station, etc.

Our company has strong R & D capability. We have our own professional R & D team for manufacturing self-service vending machines. We sold over 15 kinds of tailor-made self-service vending equipment to over 20 countries including USA, Canada, England, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Pukui developed our own technology including water treatment, micro-control, self-service vending, mechanical transmission, etc. We can also make vending equipment according to customers' specific needs.

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